Welcome to Dispatching 101  

Welcome and thank you for choosing J M Freight Dispatching Service LLC for your training needs. 

Happening now is our end of the year sale of 2021.  Register by midnight on January 09, 2022 to

take advantage of this now low cost of this dynamic training from experienced drivers with over 15 years driving OTR and Regional, now Logistic owners and Freight Dispatchers.  We're looking for people who we can train, equip, and recruit proficiently and professionally to join our team, or continue to help those in this course to run their business effectively.  Once you've registered with our J M Dispatch 101 class, we will offer an additional four days a month, preferably Saturday mornings (est. time) for bonus features we've gained through our broker and shipper connections throughout the course of our trainings.    

What you're expected to learn and go over in the three day intense hands on training:

  • Types of Equipment
  • How to complete an agreement with a factoring company
  • How to obtain a driver in a competitive industry
  • Build relationships with a broker and maintain constant communication
  • How to complete and setup a dispatch agreement
  • How to complete the setup of a Carrier agreement
  • How to use the DAT and 123Loadboard boards
  • Logistic industry terminology 
  • Power Of Attorney 
  • Searching and booking loads
  • Safety FMCSA
  • Learn how to negotiate rates per mile
  • How to plan out your load 
  • Mapping
  • Carrier + Dispatch Templates 
  • Cold Calling Scripts
  • Email template to Brokers
  • And so much more...….

     The next classes will begin 

     January 11 - 13 2022

     January 17 - 19 2022

     January 25 - 27  2022


     February  1 - 3  2022

     February 8 - 10  2022

     February 15 - 17  2022

     February 22 - 24  2022

     March 8 - 10  2022

     March 15 -17  2022

     March 22 - 24 2022

     March 29 - 31  2022


      The start time will begin at 6:30pm est. ending 9:00p est.  


Should you need to make up a class, we will offer re-scheduling options to you, at the Administrators discretion.  NOTE: J M Dispatching 101 Training is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other training, if not previously discussed with Administration.

Registration is final.

J and M Dispatching Training 101

J and M Dispatching Training 101


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