Let J & M Logistics LLC assist you with your customers supply chain, allowing you  to get a product that's built better than the competition and will last longer


Here at J & M Logistics LLC Company, we stand by our impeccable customer service for life. You're not just buying a service, while networking you're making a friend in the business.


We're able to offer competitive services for the best price because we offer on time service.  We enjoy providing quality reliable service for our customers and most importantly safety is always our first priority.  

Erin Swartz
"I love it, this role as a CSR  & Dispatcher is much better than what I thought I could do, and more! 

Tammy Lewis

"I've tried several logistic companies and found this one to be the best.."

Julie Wells

"I enjoy my role as a Customer Service Rep & Dispatcher with J & M Logistics, Inc. They're professional, and it's a great environment to work in."

Mike Thomas

"Great customer service and great attention to detail, what more can I say?"


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